Ludlow Arts: Word

Ludlow Arts: Word

Alchemy and Adventure: A History of Exotic Colours and Poisonous Pigments

The Arts Society Teme Valley

Wednesday 21 November at 2:15pm

Ludlow Assembly Rooms

Speaker: Lynne Gibson

It is easy to take colour for granted, but before organic chemistry the most desirable pigments were often rare, exotic or poisonous. Merchants supplied cochineal ‘guana’ from the holds of Spanish galleons, pungent golden nuggets from India and lapis rock carried by camel train from the mountains of Badakhstan.

Alchemists prepared deadly King's Yellow, mysterious Vitriol of Venus and Moorish Gold concocted from basilisk powder and human blood. Small wonder artists kept their paint recipes closely guarded in Books of Secrets.

This lecture tells the stories of alchemy and adventure behind some of our most beautiful and colourful paintings.

Lynne Gibson now works as a freelance lecturer in the History of Art, Critical and Contextual Studies as well as practical drawing, painting and printmaking. She gives talks to a wide range of organisations and institutions as well as working as a professional artist specialising in painting and etching.

Tickets: £8 (members: free) at the door

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Lynne Gibson Lynne Gibson

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