Ludlow Arts: Word

Ludlow Arts: Word

The Mortimers to 1330: from Wigmore to Ruler of England

Mortimer History Society Spring Conference

Saturday 18 May 10:00am — 4:15pm

Leominster Priory

A varied and informal day of talks about the mediaeval Mortimers.

Speakers include

  • Dr Ian Mortimer: The Genealogy of the Mortimer Family
  • Philip Hume: A Single Battle to win a Country; Nearly 200 years to conquer a Welsh District: the Mortimer's struggle to control Maelienydd
  • Dr Andrew Spencer: The National Stage: Roder Mortimer (d.1282) and his sons)
  • Dr Emma Cavell: Mortimer women of the 12th 13th centuries.
  • Dr Paul Dryburgh: Flickering Flame: Roger Mortimer and the troubled kingship of Edward II.
  • Kathryn Warner: Hugh Despenser the Younger: Rise and Fall of a Royal Favourite.
  • Dr Paul Dryburgh: Uneasy is the Head that Wears the Crown: Roger Mortimer, ruler and (possible) regicide 1327 — 1330.
  • Tickets: £22.50 (members of MHS £17.50) — lunch (optional) £12.00 — booking and further details HERE

    Wigmore Castle Wigmore Castle

    Roger and Isabella Roger and Isalbella