Ludlow Arts: Word

Ludlow Arts: Word

Victoria & Albert: Art and Love

The Arts Society Teme Valley

Wednesday 18 September at 2:15pm

Ludlow Assembly Rooms

Speaker: Barbara Askew

This lecture celebrates the 200th anniversary of the births of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert who were first cousins and born just three months apart in 1819. Their shared enthusiasm for art and music endured through the twenty-two years of their marriage and they demonstrated their love through the works of art and jewellery they gave each other for birthdays, Christmases and anniversaries. Victoria and Albert understood and appreciated sculpture more than any of their predecessors since Charles I. They furnished and extended Buckingham palace and commissioned two private residences, Balmoral Castle and Osborne House, which is the single most important example of their shared tastes. Theirs was a partnership of patronage by a monarch and her consort which is unique in the history of the British monarchy.

Barbara Askew grew up in Eton with Windsor Castle as part of her daily view. She graduated with an honours degree in History and taught History for 15 years before qualifying as a Blue Badge Tourist Guide. She is a lecturer, examiner and course director on Blue Badge training courses and an acknowledged expert on royalty and on Windsor Castle. She has been the Site Liaison Representative at Windsor Castle for the Blue Badge Guides' Associations since 1990. She is a rota guide in the British Museum, the Houses of Parliament and the Albert memorial and conducts historically-themed walking tours in Windsor for Windsor Festival and further education groups.

Owing to renovation works currently being carried out by the Ludlow Assembly Rooms, from now until further notice, lectures will take place in Oscars, NOT in the auditorium.

Tickets: £8 (members: free) at the door

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