Ludlow Arts: Word

Ludlow Arts: Word

Unearthing Egyptology

U3A in Ludlow

Monday 30 September at 11:00am
Coffee at 10:30am

Ludlow Mascall Centre

Speaker: Janet Diamond

Janet Diamond lived in Egypt for 3 years in the early 1900's and it was this that triggered her interest in and love of the ancient history of Egypt. She has a diploma in Egyptology and is committed to keeping her knowledge up to date. She has a wide experience of public speaking to a wide variety of audiences including passengers on cruise liners.

Janet calls her talk Ancient Egypt: A History in 10 Objects. She has chosen 10 items taken across the main periods of ancient Egypt from c.3400 BCE to 30 BCE. They illustrate a variety of artefacts, styles and materials from different museum collections around the world — each with its own fascinating story to tell. She clearly has great enthusiasm for her subject and will surely convey this to our U3A.

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