Ludlow Arts: Word

Ludlow Arts: Word

The Sword and the Ring:

how the Mortimers of Wigmore
acquired control of the Central Marches

Ludlow Lectures

Tuesday 5 November at 10:00am

St Laurence, Ludlow

Speaker: Philip Hume

The conquest and acquisition of the Welsh districts between the Wye and the Severn were at the core of the Mortimer family's rise to dominance in the Welsh Marches and a crucial stepping stone to power and influence across England and Wales. This lecture will explore the ways in which over a period of nearly two hundred years, the Mortimers came to control much of the central Marches, including military conquest, murder and marriage.

Philip Hume is the author of On the Trail of the Mortimers, a co-author of the Ludlow Castle Heraldic Roll, and is currently writing a book for publication in 2020 on the history of the Marcher Lordships in the central and northern Marches.

Tickets: £5 at the door

Season tickets: £20 for 6 lectures also available.

Please make cheques payable to LUDLOW LECTURES and send to 3 Poyner Road, Ludlow, SY8 1QT

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Cefnllyss The remains of two Mortimer Castles at Cefnllys.

Philip Hume Philip Hume