Ludlow Arts: Word

Ludlow Arts: Word

Walking the Pipe:

the Elan Valley Aqueduct in words and song

Ludlow Lectures

Tuesday 26 November at 10:00am

St Laurence, Ludlow

Speakers: Kate Green and Michael Rosenbaum

Musicians: Faith Brackenbury and John Nielson

A collaborative lecture between Geologist Professor Michael Rosenbaum, who will explain the construction of the Elan Valley Aqueduct, and Artist Kate Green who will talk and sing, accompanied by musicians Faith Brackenbury and John Neilson, of her experiences and encounters 'Walking the Pipe'.

Michael Rosenbaum is an Emeritus Professor of Engineering Geology. On retiring to Ludlow he has immersed himself in the geology of Shropshire and the Marches. He has contributed to some 45 books, 90 refereed papers, 47 conference proceedings and over 50 other publications.

Kate Brackenbury and John Nielson perform widely together as Brackenbury and Nielson and seperately in other groups.

Tickets: £5 at the door

Season tickets: £20 for 6 lectures also available.

Please make cheques payable to LUDLOW LECTURES and send to 3 Poyner Road, Ludlow, SY8 1QT

Ludlow Lectures: full programme HERE

Elan Valley aqueduct Elan Valley Aqueduct

Elan Valley Aqueduct Another view of the aqueduct