Ludlow Arts: Word

Ludlow Arts: Word

Enjoying God: reclaiming the Puritans

Life & Learning @ Ludlow

Thursday 30 January
10:00am — 12:00noon

Ludlow Mascall Centre

A lecture by Revd Dr Chris Moore

Today, the word ‘Puritan’ is not a happy one. It conjures up images of frowning men and women in drab clothes. It speaks of joy-killing legalism and, in the words of H L Mencken, “the haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy”.

So much for the stereotype. In reality, the Puritans were a scholarly group - John Owen was Vice Chancellor of the University of Oxford and Dean of Christ Church - who wished to see the Reformation prevail in the Church of England. Out of the turmoil of England’s Civil War arose a rich, theological flowering of a distinctively English theology whose great catechism gives the ‘chief end of man’ as ‘to glorify God, and to enjoy him forever’.

Who were the Puritans, and what did they believe? How might we challenge the stereotypes and reclaim this distinctively English theological tradition? And might they still have something to say to us about life lived in enjoyment of God?

The Revd Dr Chris Moore is Rector of Fownhope. Whilst his academic work is in the area of New Testament Doctrine, his abiding interest is in the history of the British church in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

Tickets: £8.00 (including morning coffee)

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John Owen John Owen by John Greenhill