Ludlow Arts: Word

Ludlow Arts: Word

The Knights of Downton Castle.

In pursuit of their passions. 1700-1850.

Ludlow Lectures

Tuesday 4 February at 10:00am

St Laurence, Ludlow

Speaker: Barney Rolfe-Smith

The talk will illustrate how the passions of a family brought Ludlow and Herefordshire to the notice of the nation.

It will cover: 1. Richard Knight's ambition to acquire considerable industrial and agricultural holdings. 2. Richard Payne Knight's passion to influence the ‘landscape improvers’, inspire the artists of England and provide a lasting legacy to the British Museum. 3. An overview of the activities of the wider family. 4. Thomas Andrew Knight's commitment to improve agriculture.

Barney retired to Downton in 2003 and became a volunteer warden for the Downton Gorge National Nature Reserve. As a result of his close relationship with the area he has researched the Knight family and produced several books associated with them.

Tickets: £5 at the door

Season tickets: £20 for 6 lectures also available.

Please make cheques payable to LUDLOW LECTURES and send to 3 Poyner Road, Ludlow, SY8 1QT

Ludlow Lectures: full programme HERE

Richard Payne Knight Richard Payne Knight
by Sir Thomas Lawrence

Barney Rolfe-Smith Barney Rolfe-Smith