Ludlow Arts: Word

Ludlow Arts: Word

The Three Lives of the Shrewsbury Flaxmill Part 2 (Maltings)

Friends of Ludlow Museum

Monday 16 March at 7:00 for 7:30pm


Shropshire Museums Collections Centre

Replaces the previously advertised event

Joanna intrigued us last March with the first part of her talk on the ‘Three Lives of the Shrewsbury Flaxmill/Maltings’ and at this talk she will be telling us about the second part of its history as a Maltings as well as the war years when it was used as a training facility and barracks. After life as a flax-spinning mill, the site was resurrected by another entrepreneur, William Jones. We'll look at how it evolved into state-of-the-art floor maltings, turning barley into malt for use in the brewing industry. In its day, it was one of the largest in the country. How does its heritage significance sit alongside that of the flax-spinning mill, and the Main Mill's international importance? As well as introducing you to the ‘big cheeses’ who set up and ran these Georgian and Victorian businesses, we'll also consider the people whose daily toil largely produced their profits. What was it like to work as a flax-spinner, or maltster?

Joanna graduated with an MA in Heritage Management nearly a decade ago. Having worked for the National Trust at Powis Castle, and on church projects — for the wonderful St Laurence's in Ludlow, and a national initiative exploring the future of rural places of worship, she is now contracted by Historic England, to curate historical content for the major new interpretation project at the Shrewsbury Flaxmill Maltings. Joanna combines her heritage work with a role in sustainable development. Her earlier background includes the arts and higher education sectors, and professional practice in property law.

Tickets £5 (members £2) at the door)

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