Ludlow Arts: Word

Ludlow Arts: Word

The Art of the Hero: Commemorating Scott of the Antarctic

The Arts Society Teme Valley

Wednesday 20 May at 2:15pm


Ludlow Assembly Rooms

Speaker: Max Jones

Captain Scott and his four companions died in the Antarctic in 1912. Although they lost the race to the South Pole to Norwegian Roald Amundsen, their deaths unleashed an astonishing wave of tributes not only in Britain but around the world. This lecture will examine the different ways in which artists represented death in the polar wasteland and portrayed failure as heroic sacrifice.

Max Jones is a writer, lecturer and historian. He teaches modern history at the University of Manchester and has won a Distinguished Achievement Medal as the University's Teacher of the Year. His book The Last Great Quest (Oxford, 2003) and new edition of Captain Scott's last Journals (Oxford, 2006) established his reputation as a leading expert on Scott of the Antarctic, polar exploration and national heroes. He has collaborated on a number of museum and media projects about Scott and heroes, including

  • The Secrets of Scott's Hut with Ben Fogle (BBC TV),
  • The London Natural History Museum's exhibition on Scott's Last Expedition
  • Titanic with Len Goodman (BBC TV)
  • Alexander Armstrong's Real Ripping Yarns (BBC TV)
  • Conquest and Calamity: The Timewatch Guide to Explorers (BBC TV)
  • Max is currently writing his next book for Oxford University Press, A New History of British Heroes, which will examine how and why ideas about national heroes have changed over the last three hundred years.

    Owing to renovation works currently being carried out by the Ludlow Assembly Rooms, from now until further notice, lectures will take place in Oscars, NOT in the auditorium.

    Tickets: £8 (members: free) at the door

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