Ludlow Arts: Word

Ludlow Arts: Word

Ludlow Palmers

Ludlow Palmers official name is The Conservation Trust for St Laurence, Ludlow (Charity Registration Number 1114678).It was set up in 2006 to raise money for the maintenance of this magnificent church.

The Conservation Trust is secular and independent, aiming to promote regular giving and fund-raising and to reach all those who have a love for this building, wherever they live. Much of our money comes from regular giving, which we encourage as it enables us to plan our programme.

Those who are able to give to the Conservation Trust on a regular basis will be enrolled as Palmers of the Trust, which will carry entitlement to certain privileges. The term Palmer invokes memories of the mediaeval Ludlow Palmers Guild which benefited St Laurence's, and the town of Ludlow, in many ways.

As well as being used for worship, the church is used all the year round for civic and special services. With its fine acoustics, it is a major venue in the town for concerts, particularly during the Ludlow Festival. The Conservation Trust maintains this tradition of hosting concerts and exhibitions that attract international artists and local young performers alike, generating funds for the maintenance of St Laurence's Church.

Ludlow Palmers, c/o Parishes Office, 2 College Street, Ludlow SY8 1AN

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