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Ludlow Arts: Word

Mortimer History Society

The Mortimer History Society was founded in 2009 to foster interest in the medieval Mortimers of Wigmore, who established a dynasty of powerful lords that lasted for over 350 years, together with the history of the fascinating Welsh Marcher Lordships.

The Mortimers arrived in the wake of the Conqueror and rose to be one of the most powerful families in the land with vast estates in England, Wales and Ireland. For over three centuries they were at the centre of national life, with a Mortimer descendant, Edward IV, crowned king.

Much of the wealth and strength of the Mortimers came from their position as Marcher Lords. Established during the two centuries after 1066, the Marcher Lordships, that ran along the border and across South Wales, developed unique, almost regal powers to build castles, raise armies, administer criminal and civil justice.

The Society organises an annual programme of conferences, talks and study visits in Ludlow and surrounding towns. It runs a successful annual essay competition with the winning essays published in the Society's Journal and has worked with twelve local primary schools to develop and deliver a study programme on medieval history and the Mortimers.

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