Ludlow Arts: Word


Wednesday 18 May 2022

2:00pm for 2:15pm

Ludlow Assembly Rooms

Passionate Potters — from Morgan to Leach

Julian Richards

William Morris led a revolution against the products of the machine age. The first of our ‘passionate potters’, William de Morgan, was a friend of Morris who rediscovered the secrets of Near Eastern lustre glazes. In contrast, the eccentric and argumentative Martin Brothers created a range of elaborate salt glazed pots unparalleled in their imaginative breadth. more...

Alistair McGowan

Tuesday 24 May 2022


Castle Bookshop Garden — under cover if wet

Brian Page — 89

Introduced by Alistair McGowan

A poetry reading by possibly our oldest and newest local poet, Brian Page, who started writing poems at the age of 87. Now, aged 89, Brian will read a small selection of the 89 poems from his new book. more...

Fran Norton

Tuesday 31 May 2022


Castle Bookshop Garden — under cover if wet

The Mortimer Connections

Fran Norton

An evening with author Fran Norton who traces the Mortimer family connections and how they affected the destiny of this powerful Marcher family through the generations — for good and evil — and the questions they have left which still tantalize us to this day. more...

There will be an opportunity to buy signed books by Fran Norton.

The Staffordshire Hoard

Monday 20 June 2022

7:00pm for 7:30pm

Ludlow LibraryE

Warring kings and battling prelates: the Staffordshire Hoard and seventh-century Britain

Leslie Webster

The talk will focus on the significance of the Staffordshire Hoard for our understanding of England in the seventh century, and in particular, the light it sheds on the rise of Mercia, and its relationship with other Anglo-Saxon kingdoms. This was a period of great turbulence and change, political, social and religious, more...

Annie Garthwaite

Tuesday 21 June 2022


Castle Bookshop

Ludlow's Greatest Lady — Cecily Neville

Annie Garthwaite

Reading from her acclaimed novel Cecily, author Annie Garthwaite will reveal Cecily in all her complex glory: wife, mother, politician, traitor, fighter and — ultimately — survivor. more...

A Ludlow Fringe Festival event

Bernard O'Connor

Monday 16 January 2023

7:00pm for 7:30pm

Shropshire Museums Collections Centre

Deserted Mediaeval Settlements of the Clee Hill

Bernard O'Connor

Wandering the footpaths, bridleways and lanes around the Clee Hills one may have noticed some grassy lumps and bumps in the fields. Some are long and narrow, others square or rectangular. There was also what appear to be deep trenches running down a hillside, not valleys with a brook running down them but they might have water in them during and after wet weather. more...