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Newport Mediaeval Ship
The Newport mediaeval ship

Monday 16 May 2022

7:00pm for 7:30pm

Shropshire Museums Collections Centre

Robert Kenny

Newport Mediaeval Ship

The Newport ship was discovered on a building site on the banks of the River Usk just south of Newort Castle and Newport Bridge, the historic crossing-point of the Usk. Funding was raised for its removal and it is now being conserved in one of the largest current projects of its kind.

From dendrochronology the ship was Spanish and dates from 1449 and is considered to be a large ship for its period. It is presumed to have put in for repairs but was scrapped when the work was unexpectedly overwhelmed by the sea.

Robert Kenny is Secretary of the Friends of the Newport Ship.

Tickets at the door. Members: £2.00; Non-members: £5.00.

Friends of Ludlow Museum website

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